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The children loved this book so much, they told me I had to make sure that all their work was separate from the rest!

Pugs of the Frozen North

by Philip Reeve & Sarah Mcintyre





Stone Animals!

As part of our work using Jenny Nimmo’s “The Stone Mouse” we had a go at making our own Stone Animals that could fit into the book in place of the Stone Mouse! Can you guess what animals we have made below?

Celtic Shields

The Celts lived in Britain during the Iron Age, they helped master the craft of working with metals and created some beautiful artwork and tools along the way. We had a go at designing our very own Celtic Shields!

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson was an incredibly smart and influential woman in the 1900s. She was a human calculator and worked of NASA (called NACA at the time) helping get their astronauts into space! We learnt so much about her and made some beautiful posters based on her life!