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Personal and Social Skills

Being able to interact appropriately with other children and share resources is a key skill that will help your child when they start school. While organising play dates is not possible at this time, you can instead teach and model useful social phrases such as ‘my turn please’ or ‘let’s share’ and join in with pretend play. Playing board games as a family can give your child many skills. In school life, the ability to lose graciously and turn-taking and teamwork will be most beneficial.


Routine helps children understand what will happen next and become familiar with the workings of school life and much later on adult life. A set bedtime before 9pm is crucial for children to be able to wake and be at their best ability for school. Boundary setting is very under-rated but your teachers will be extremely grateful if your child understands safe and expected behaviour and is considerate of others. At 4 to 5 years this skill will still need finessing but basic norms are accepted.