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Re-opening of school June 2020 / COVID-19

Letter regarding rest of summer term arrangements 2020

Transition back to school workshops

Year 5 Opening

Routines for Year 5

Monday 15th June

Letter to Parents from The Primary First Trust

Coming back to school

Introduction to new routines

Year 6 - New Routines

Nursery - new routines

Coming into school

Reception - in the classroom

Year 1 - in the classroom

Helpful leaflets to explain social distancing at Westcourt
Please see below for some answers to the questions that you have asked. Many thanks to everyone who has already contacted the school.

Free School Meals

If you think you could be eligible for free school meals, you will need to make a direct application using the government website 

Your application will be processed immediately to check if you qualify and you will be informed of the decision at the end of your application.  If your application is successful the school will be notified by email and your child will be added to the free school meal list.


Universal Free School Meals

Universal free meals are different from the free school meals as above.  The universal scheme is to give all children in years Reception to year 2 a free meal whilst in school.  


Please see the government website for further guidance and help.




How to use your free school meals vouchers

Letter regarding re-opening of school for Nursery, Reception, Years 1 & 6

Letter from Miss Sexton regarding Government's plan to re-open schools

Below are some pictures of what classrooms are going to look like for Reception and Years 1 and 6 when they return to school. Nursery pictures will follow later in the week. The classrooms have not been finished as new health and safety measures mean that this is taking some time to organise. Further pictures and a video will be posted on the website later in the week to inform you of further social distancing measures that will be in place when children potentially return to school from 1st June.

Examples of classroom setup from 1st June 2020