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Remote Learning Commencing 28.06.2021

Monday 29th June 2021

Good Morning Turkey Class!


Hope everyone has had a great weekend.


Here some tasks and super fun activities I have set for you today.


Don't worry if can't complete the task or get stuck give it your best go and most of all believe in yourself that you can do anything :) 


Best of luck


Miss Hussain 

English - 


SPaG activity full stops and capital letters.


Read through the slide to recap how and when to use capital letters.


We need capital letters: * at the start of a sentence *for 'I' * for names of people and places.


Complete the sheet uploaded (either print out or copy on to a piece of paper) to practice read and using capital letters and full stops correctly.


Good Luck :) 





Figure Me Out!


Use the template uploaded (or make your own) to create clues about yourself.


Write a number sentences that matches the answer to each question


How tricky can you make them ?!


You can use addition (+), subtraction (-) or multiplication (x) it is up to you. Its your chance to put everything we have learn so far to the test.


You can use a number line or objects to help count along.


For example, 


My age is : 6

3 +3 = 6



My Shoe Size: 11 

12 - 1 = 11


As we are missing .P.E. today I thought you could do some exercise at home it is a 15 minute workout. Hope you have fun doing this.

I know how much Tukey class loves this song so if you still have lots energy after the workout you can have a dance to this video and really get you body moving.

Have fun !!


Please practice Phase 4 and 5.


If you are feeling confident enough please complete the sheet ou and ow writing sheets that is down below you can print them off or write it down on a piece scrap paper.

Storytime- The Day The Crayons Quit

Last but not least I thought we could listen to this lovely story.

Before you listen to the story have a discussion or a think with an adult, whoever is next you or even by yourself about what do you think the story is going to be about.