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You will all of been sent by email, a sign up invitation from Horizons, which is the new payment system to allow parents access.


You will be sent a separate link in an email to follow for first time registering.  It will send an email to you to set your password, please make sure you follow this and save page to your favourites and make a note of your password.


If you do not receive a link by email, please contact the office.


You will be able to pay for school meals once you have created your account.  We will inform you when we start using this payment system for everything else.


You will NOT BE ABLE TO USE SIMS PAY360 after Wednesday 18th May and you will have to use this new payment system (Horizons) from Thursday 19th May.


Please do not look at the balances you can see either on SIMS Pay360 or Horizons and think these are correct as at this present time, the two systems are not synchronising with each other so anything you see will not be correct.  The office have lists of all payments received on SIMS Pay360 and on Horizons so are cross referencing the payments manually.


If you have any queries or wish to know the current balance on your child's school meal account, please speak to Karen in the office.  Thank you 17/05/22




There has been lots of confusion regarding school meals in the last couple of days.  Please note that you need to make payments on your SIMS Pay360 account, each day your child has a school meal.  There is an issue, where your SIMS Pay360 account is currently only recording the payments you make and is not deducting the meals your child is having.  Therefore, you will see the amount on your account is not reducing at all.  This does not mean that you do not owe money, it means that our computer system for payments is not communicating with our computer system that records meals.  


If you owe money, you would of received a text message asking for payment.  Please do not look on your SIMS Pay360 account and believe you have a credit, as this amount is currently not deducting any meals.


For example, if you have not paid money on your SIMS Pay360 account for several weeks and your child has had school meals since then and your account has not reduced, this does not mean that you have that money in credit.


You will start receiving text messages to inform you of any money you owe for school meals.  You must make payment to clear any arrears as your child will not be able to have meals if you owe money.  


All meals cost £2.20 daily, £11.00 weekly, please make payments in advance of your child having school meals.


If you have any queries, or wish to know your current balance, due to the confusing situation, please do contact me in the school office and I will try my best to help you.


I have been advised by the Trust that they are trying to get the new payment system up and running as soon as possible, which will stop all the confusion with payments and meals not showing each day.  In the meantime, please continue to make payments for the meals your child is having, to your SIMS Pay360 account, please ignore the amount it is showing you, if in credit, as any text messages you receive, will be accurate.


Many thanks.


Karen Fraser


Queens Platinum Jubilee 2022 Special Lunch Menu - Wednesday 25th May 2022

Free School Meals & Universal Free School Meals


If you think you could qualify for free school meals, you will need to make a direct application using the government website  Your eligibility will be checked and your application processed straight away and you will be informed of the decision.  If your application is successful, the school will be notified by email and your child will start receiving their free school meal.


Universal free school meals are for children in years Reception to year 2.  This entitles your child to a free meal whilst in school until they finish in year 2.  We encourage all parents/carers to apply online, regardless of the year group your child is in.


Please see the government website for more information (as above).

Free School Meals



All our meals are prepared fresh on-site each day by our Kitchen Team, led by Mark Wade.  As well as the hot meal choices, children also have the choice of the salad bar.  The cost of school meals are £2.20 daily, £11.00 weekly, which are payable in advance using your online SIMS Pay account.  Children in classes R to year 2 receive the universal free school meal.  Children in years 3 to 6 have to pay for meals unless you qualify for free school meals. 

End of universal free school meals for year 2 pupils - July 2021

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