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Scissor Skills





Learning Goals:

I am learning to develop my fine and gross motor dexterity. 

I am learning to follow simple instructions.



Developing scissor skills is an important milestone in your child’s life.
Being able to use scissors to cut well is important for many preschool and school activities,
including arts and crafts. By learning to use scissors they practise using a tripod grasp
which then develops into the ideal grasp for writing.


Use the following document for some useful advice and suggested activities.
Choose one activity to do for a week to give your child enough time to develop their cutting skills.

This is a quick timed activity.  Before you begin, set the rocket timer to 5 minutes.

Check that your child is sitting comfortably with no distractions around (e.g. turn the TV off).


Again, make sure to do the same fine motor activity daily for a week to develop mastery of skills.


If you are not sure what kind of scissors is ideal for your child, refer to the document below.