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It’s night-time in the supermarket and all is quiet and still. But wait. Something has escaped from the freezer. Something with plans. Evil plans. This little escapee (or escapea?) wants to cause chaos. Its targets: the fresh vegetables.


Never fear, though – Supertato is here! Can he solve these despicable crimes and save the vegetables from a terrible fate? He’ll definitely have to draw on all his superpowers if he’s going to outwit this little green foe.



Activity #1: Wanted poster

Encourage your child to create a Wanted poster for the Evil Pea. They could draw a picture of the pea and — with your help — write a description about him, including some of his evil deeds, and offer a reward for his capture.



Activity #2: Design a superhero

Challenge your child to create their own superhero fruit or vegetable. They could draw or paint a picture of their superhero character or decorate a real or pretend vegetable or fruit. They could add googly eyes, a material cape and other details, such as a belt, boots or a hat. Encourage your child to name and describe their superhero and talk about any special powers their character has.




Activity #3: Fruit and vegetable word games

Match the word to the picture. There are four different games. Just click on one of the images below to access the activity.  (How to play: Click on the word until it turns yellow. Next, click on the picture that matches the word.) 



Fruit Game 1

Fruit Game 2

Vegetable Game 1

Vegetable Game 2





#1 Make some superhero cuffs



You will need:

  • ​​​​​coloured card
  • a pair of scissors
  • 2 small cardboard tubes
  • black, gold, red, green and silver paint
  • PVA glue
  • hole puncher
  • superhero cuff template


  • PVA glue

  • hole puncher

  • superhero cuff template (which you can download below)

Cut down the entire length of both toilet roll tubes and open them out slightly ready for painting.

Use PVA glue to stick the shapes onto the cuffs. Make sure that they are stuck onto the opposite side to the cuts.



Paint both of the cuffs in your chosen colour and leave to dry.

Using the hole punch, make 3-4 holes down each side of the cuff openings.

Now decide what shapes you would like to decorate the cuff with! Either use the templates, or draw some of your own shapes onto coloured card, then cut out.

Use ribbon or wool to lace up the cuff by threading it through the holes§. The cuff can now by tied up when it is worn.



#2 Be a superhero helper at home



One of the most important tasks of a superhero is helping people. Encourage your child to help by giving them some small tasks to do at home.


First, why not draw a face on a potato to make your own Supertato? Then ask your child to take Supertato around your house to help out with some of the jobs, such as tidying their bedroom and putting away the dishes. What other helpful things can Supertato do?


#3 Join in a healthy eating challenge

First, watch the video below to jumpstart your discussion about healthy eating.

Peppa Pig |Super Potato

Explain to your child that we all need to eat lots of different fruit and vegetables to be healthy. We should eat at least five different types every day. Ask them to tell you one or two of the fruit and vegetables they have eaten in the last few days. Have a discussion about you and your child’s favourite fruit or vegetable.


Use the Eatwell Guide below to talk about different food groups and why we need to eat different types of food to be healthy. Start the discussion by asking your child what they can see in the picture. What foods can they see? Explain that the picture is called the Eatwell Guide and it shows us what we need to eat and drink to be healthy. Question your child to help them engage with the Eatwell Guide.


Some of the questions you can ask:

  • Which are the two biggest groups in the Eatwell Guide?
  • What foods can you see in the biggest groups?
  • Which is the smallest group?
  • What food can you see in the smallest group?
  • Where is/are the eggs/tomatoes/bread/fish/milk?
  • Which food in the picture have you eaten today?
  • How many drinks do we need each day?


Encourage your child to start a healthy eating challenge. It would be even better if the whole family joins in. Again, use the Eatwell Guide and ask your child to choose what they would like to eat today. Ideally, they should choose two items from the green group and one each from the yellow, pink and blue groups. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well.