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Week Beginning 08 February

Cosmic Kids Yoga | Diggory the Dumptruck



The children have been tracing their names these past few weeks. Starting this week, we will scale up the challenge by encouraging them to write their names. Set the online timer for five minutes and prepare your child to do some name writing. 


Click on the image to access the timer


I have prepared individual videos for the children to guide them during this process. Simply click on your child’s name and ask them to watch the video tutorial. Make sure they have their pencil/pen and paper ready as part of the tutorial includes asking them to write along with me.


Click on the image to access the name writing video tutorials.




This week we will be reviewing the topics learned this term and assess children’s progress. It is important that children do the activities independently. The only adult support needed is to explain the instructions and to read out words.





Rote Counting to 20 (Daily)

Encourage your child to join the Numberblocks in counting all the way to 20.


Click on the image to watch the video




Chinese New Year



How To Be A Lion




Chester Zoo is hosting a virtual zoo day this Friday. 

Ask an adult to go to Chester Zoo’s Facebook page (click here

or their YouTube channel (click here).