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Thursday 11th February - end of term!

Good morning everyone and happy half term eve!


Today is your last day of home learning until after half term and you should be very proud of how dedicated you have been to your learning this term.


Our learning is a little bit different today as it is the last day of term so there are more creative ways to get things done!


There will still be some things in your packs that we haven't done.  If you would like then you can do these too today, but please do not feel like you have to.


Enjoy your learning!


As it is the last maths lesson of Term 3, there is only one thing left for it...….a pirate challenge!


For your maths time today, I would like you to design and make a board game with the theme of pirates.  I would like you to make it a times table focus - that way you can play it over half term and the rest of the school year to help you practice your times tables!


Things to think about and decide:

- how many players

- how it will challenge all your times tables

- what your board will look like

- what you will use for counters


Make your game brightly coloured to encourage others to play with you.


Send in pictures of your fantastic game and let me know how you get on playing it with your family!

SPaG / Guided Reading:

Today you have the choice of what you would like to complete.  In your packs there is a set of activities either called suitcases or submerged city.


There is a selection of activities that link with the picture - I would like you to pick 3 pages of them.  Some are linked to using your inference skills and answering questions, some are linked to understanding vocabulary and some are SPaG activities.


Why not challenge yourself to completing one you would usually avoid because it is a bit challenging?


Today we are going to focus on instructional writing - following our pirate theme!


I would like you to think about the maths game you have made.


To write instructions, you first need your equipment list - you could use bullet points here.


Then you need to write numbered instructions on how to play your game.  


For each section, make sure you have appropriate sub-headings and that all important piece of punctuation...….the colon!


If you are unsure, why not have a look at sets of instructions for some of the board games you may have at home!

Look at this example of a set of instructions to help you:

Creative Learning:

We are continuing with our pirate theme - today you will need this sheet:

Think about all the work we have done on Treasure Island so far.  The story has been based around Jim going to an island, meeting extraordingary characters and searching for hidden treasure!


Today, you get to decide where that treasure is!


Use your creative skills to design your own treasure map!


Things you might like to include:

- a big x to mark where the treasure is!

- some quick sand

- a forbidden area of the island

- palm trees

- an oasis

- hidden traps......for deadly pirates!


You could make you map look older by tea staining it and tearing around the edges.

The choice is yours!

Enjoy your home learning activities for today and have the loveliest half term - hopefully there will still be lots of snow for you to play with.


Keep sending in your pictures and I will upload them.


Have a great day and I look forward to hearing how you get on, not just today but for the rest of the school year laugh


Miss Marshall xx