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Thursday 25th February

Good Morning Kenya Class,


This morning for guided reading I would like you to listen to this story. I don’t want you to do anything other than listen to it and enjoy it. It is one of my favourites and I hope you enjoy it too.

English today is to carry on with our story of The Cautious Caterpillar. I would like you to play a little game of I spy using this picture and looking for the objects on this list. Have a go at answering the questions at the bottom of the list. I’d particularly like to know where you would go if you could fly like a butterfly 🦋


For Maths today you are going to think about comparing different objects and which ones are bigger and smaller.  Have a go first of all playing this game. 


Once you have played this game, I would like you to find a teddy from your room. You are going to lay it in the middle of the floor. You are then going to find 3 things which are bigger than the teddy and three things which are smaller than the teddy. 


In my example I had a notebook, I found 3 things which were bigger than the notebook and 3 things which were smaller. 

Please send me the photo of your bigger and smaller than objects.

This afternoon you are going to be creative! I would like you to design your very own space rocket! 


Here are some ideas to help you:

Use this sheet to design your rocket

Have a lovely day, hopefully the sun will be shining! 


Mrs Atkinson x

The Faraway Tree - chapter 20