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Thursday 14th January

Good morning everyone and happy Friday Eve!  Can you believe we are already up to Thursday?


How is your home learning going?  I am getting lots and lots of pictures of your work which is amazing!  Remember to also be kind to yourselves too.  Being at home with your family is a lovely added bonus - it means you are getting to spend more time together, time that you wouldn’t otherwise have.  It is also OK for you to feel like it is too much sometimes - you are Year 6 now and lessons can be hard.  If you are finding it difficult, give yourself a break and come back to it.  Nothing is worth you getting stressed over.  The most important thing is that you try your best.


Have fun with today’s activities and remember you are all learning at your own pace laugh



For maths today you are continuing with work on percentages, this time also using your fraction skills too!


You worked incredibly hard on fractions when we were in school - now you get to see how it links to your home learning on percentages.  

Watch this video from Miss Hart:

Year 6 % lesson 7

This is "Year 6 % lesson 7" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now apply these skills to these questions.


You should recognise the first one laugh  have a go at it and then re-watch the start of the video to check you got the method correct.

Your next maths activity is to go back to your packs and find the pages that have the metnal calcualations with the 4 operations.

This time you can make it into part of a game because you can score points depending on how you solve the questions.


Some of the are quite tricky so remember your jottings - jottings save marks laugh

It is also absolutely OK to show your working out - it is important that you do them the way you find suits you best.




Your writing yesterday was fantastic - your description of your journeys made me feel like I could walk them through your maps!


Today you have free writing choice!  In your monster packs, turn to ativity 13.  You can decide to write any of those activities, or if you hae another idea you could use that instead.


No matter what you choose, you must include:

- a wide range of sentence structures

- a variety of the year  punctuation

- challenging vocabulary


Go back to the SPaG booklet in your packs.


Last time we had a look at nouns, today we are going to remind ourselves about verbs.

Remember verbs are doing words, for example walking, cycling, talking, singing.


Complete the 2 pages out of your booklet.

Creative Learning

For the rest of your learning time, let's get creative and make a game!


Look at this picture:

You can decide whether to make a mini version, or if you still have cardboard left from Christmas, you could make  a big version like the one in the picture!


Use recycled materials (maybe the back of a cereal box) to create the game board.  Design a brightly coloured monster picture.

You might want to put several holes in it and the different mouths for the monsters could be different scores for the game.

Once finished play your game (if you have made the small version you could try throwing rice or a piece of cereal through each hole).  You could send a picture or video of you playing with your family!

Have a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see all your home learning.


Miss Marshall xx