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Thursday 1st July

Good morning Kenya class! 


I hope you are having a good week at home even thought the weather hasn’t been very nice. I’m sure your bean plants are enjoying all of the rain we have been having though!


It was lovely to see some of you yesterday for our story, The Snail and the Whale. Don’t forget to join the zoom session today at 1pm 🙂


This morning - click on the links for your phonics games for today. Please make sure you are doing the correct ones for your group.


Mrs Atkinson’s group - Sentence substitution

Mrs Beatty’s group - Picnic on Pluto

Mrs K’s group - Pick a picture


For English today we are going to look at questions and using question marks - ?


A question is a sentence which needs an answer. For example:


Can I have a glass of milk? This is a question because it needs somebody to answer with Yes or No.


What a lovely dress. This is not a question because it does not need an answer.


Have a go at writing these sentences out and putting a question mark at the end if it is a question or a full stop if it is not a question. 


There is an extension at the end where you can write your own question too! 


For Maths today we are carrying on with directions. There is a game you can play to warm up and remind you of the directions. 


Hungry pirates game


When you have played this, I would like you to hide something in your house like a teddy or a toy (don’t make it too tricky) and then give directions to your grown up, brother, sister or even your cat (although they may not listen to you!) to see if they can follow your directions to get to the toy, just like the pirate did in the game to get to the treasure.


Let me know how you get on! 


This afternoon we have got another zoom session. Don’t forget you need to bring a drawing of your favourite animal and be ready to share with everyone why that animal is your favourite! I am looking forward to seeing your lovey smiley faces. See you at 1pm!


Mrs Atkinson x