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Thursday 1st July

Good morning all and welcome to July - your last month at Westcourt 🥲


This morning we are going to start with another problem solving for maths - you have been doing an amazing job with theses. I am going to set me a further challenge today - I want you to tell me what sort of problem this is.

If you remember to do the following things, you will have no ‘problem’ at all - I am still here with the rubbish jokes!

*Work systematically

*Draw diagrams/ use a table

*Check your answers to make sure you haven’t missed anything!


I look forward to seeing how you have chosen to work this one out - remember there is no right way to do this!



We shall continue our tour around the world and you will need to start by watching these videos.

Around the World in 80 Days 9 The End of the Line Level 6 By Little Fox


Around the World in 80 Days 10 To Allahabad Level 6 By Little Fox

To Allahabad

So they now have a very unusual mode of transportation - an elephant!  This is not something that we would commonly use as transport in this country but it raises many questions.

*Is it harmful to the elephant?

*Do elephants have feelings?

*The welfare of the animal

*The people looking after them


Tomorrow you are going to write a persuasive argument around whether you think an elephant should be used as a form of transport. You can decide whether you agree or not - your aim is to persuade me to your way of thinking!


Today you are going to plan your argument. Remember you will need the following things




*Passive voice

*Range of conjunctions

*Rhetorical questions

*Emotive language

*Detail to prove your point


*Title as a question

*Introduction - what are you arguing?

*Reason 1 - PEE

*Reason 2 - PEE

*Reason 3 - PEE

*Conclusion - bring all of your evidence together


I look forward to seeing you plans ready for your writing tomorrow and Monday!


This afternoon

1-1:30 - AR time

1:30 - 2 - TTR

For the rest of the afternoon

Some art! You heard about Fogg’s journey through the jungle and some of the animals they encountered along the way.Have a think about what other animals they might have met in the jungle. I would like you to pick an animal that you think reflect your personality (I would choose a sloth!).


Draw a detailed picture of this animal using any resource you like - you could just sketch and shade with a writing pencil, you could draw it and paint it - the choice is yours.


Once you have done this, write a brief statement about why this animal is like you. For example, a sloth moves very slowly, sleeps for most of the day and when it is awake, just spends its time eating - that is definitely me!


I look forward to seeing your amazing drawings and which animals you choose.


Have a good day, hopefully the sun will be shining a bit more today!

Miss Hart 😎