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Thursday 1st July 2021

Apologies that the zoom call did not take place this afternoon, we were both looking forward to seeing you all too however we had some technical difficulties. We will be having a call tomorrow afternoon instead now. We really look forward to seeing you then.

Thursday 1st July


Good Morning Turkey Class,


Wow, it’s the first of July already. Do you know what month July is? Say the months in order and see if you can work it out. You can check if you are correct at the bottom of this page!


I hope that you had a great day yesterday, I was really impressed with the work that you sent in. Thank you for sending it in, I do love seeing how hard you are working and seeing your cheerful faces too. Today we will be having a zoom call and Miss Hussain will be sharing a story with you so we hope that you can join us for that, the details for the zoom call will be sent to your adult sometime this morning.


Well done too to those of you who have met your target, I was really impressed when I looked at AR yesterday and cheered for you just like we would in class.


For English today we are going to be thinking about question marks. Can you remember when we use a question mark? We use a question mark at the end of a question. What is a question? A question is a sentence that needs an answer. Have a go at the question mark game below - 

Then pick a character from the picture below - 

Can you think of some questions that you would ask that character? See if you can think of a question for each of the question words - 

  • who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why
  • how


Now pick a different character. Would you ask your second character the same questions?


For Maths we are going to be practising telling the time. Watch the video and recap how to tell the time, maybe you could have a little dance too - 

Then I have set you some telling the time activities on Purple Mash. Start with the o’clock activities and then have a go at the half past activity. I look forward to seeing your score later.


You could also have a go at creating your own clock. Maybe you could divide your clock into quarters and colour each quarter a different colour. Remember if you divide into quarters you will have 4 equal parts. Then you could cut out a minute hand and an hour hand and place them on your clock to make different times.


For Phonics today have a go at the activities below, remember to pick the activity that is for your group - 


Miss Pearce/Miss Hussain’s group - 


Look at the pictures and write the word for each item, see if you can spell the words correctly. Once you have written the words click the answer button and check your answers - 

Mrs Beatty’s group - 


Look at the pictures below and have a go at reading the words. Then find the picture that matches the word.

Mrs Kay’s group - 


Play the snakes and ladders game and see how many of the words you can read.

For PE see if you can follow the instructions and create different movements. Have lots of fun!

Don’t forget to join us at 2.30pm for a story.


Have a brilliant day.


Miss Pearce

The answer to the question is July is the 7th month.