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Thursday 21st January 2021

Let’s recap what we know about ‘The Tin Forest’ so far. 


There is an old man living alone in a small house in a place that is forgotten by everyone.  People dump their rubbish and unwanted things and it is just not a very nice place to live.  Every day, the man collects up the rubbish and sorts it – and every night he dreams of a wonderful forest full of colour and life.


But look… when he wakes up, he feels miserable again because nothing has changed.



The next piece of text in the book says:


One day something caught the old man’s eye and an idea planted itself in his head.


What do you think his idea might be?

If something ‘caught his eye’, it means he spotted it.
It says an idea ‘planted’ itself in his head – I wonder if the author chose this word for a reason?
Remember his house is surrounded by rubbish – and don’t forget his dream!


Your task today is to write the next part of the story to explain what his idea is.  There is even some space for a lovely illustration!  There is a sheet in your pack called The Tin Forest - Narrative Writing - The Big Idea.


Remember all the things that make good story writing:
* Stay in past tense
* Juicy language choices
* Interesting sentence starters
* Descriptive language


I am very excited to find out your ideas and read your wonderful writing!

Make sure you spend time every day on myON reading books and taking quizzes for your AR target this term.


Click here to visit the myON website
(Remember that your login details are the same as AR)

Yesterday, saw the excellent completion of Fronted Adverbials, which many of you used in English writing. So well done.


Today, you will be working on Possessive Apostrophes (Singular and Plural)




Click on the image below to watch a video to support you in recapping how to use apostrophes correctly. You can even try out the additional activities on the page too.


Yesterday we were looking at Perimeter


Remember that Perimeter is a measurement of length.  It is the distance all the way round the outside edge of a closed 2D shape (no gaps allowed!).



We were solving perimeter yesterday by measuring with a ruler, but today we are going to use a grid of squares to help us.


So, let’s get ready.  You will need a pencil, paper, a ruler for drawing straight lines and the sheet from your pack called Perimeter on a grid (it has today’s date on it).


And then we can get started with this video:

See how you get on.  Here is the alternative version in case you are getting a bit confused.

Your Tin Forest storyboards will be the basis for your creative session.

Today you are going to make puppets and act out your story. You can use paper, card, colouring pencils and paint to create your scenes.




We look forward to seeing the end results when you send them in.

Maybe you can present the show to your adults at home for some evening entertainment.

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