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Thursday 14th January 2021

In your packs, you will find a SPAG test which has the title Year 4 - Spring Test 1.  I would like you to have a go at all the questions on this today.


Remember to read the questions really carefully, and think about the learning we have done in school.


Don’t panic if you can’t remember something.  Think carefully, try to work it out and have a go.  Put what you think would be a sensible answer.


We are going to go through all the questions together tomorrow.


If you don’t have the SPAG test, here it is.  Good luck!

Make sure you spend time every day on myON reading books and taking quizzes for your AR target this term.


Click here to visit the myON website
(Remember that your login details are the same as AR)

Year 3&4 Spellings


In your packs, find the sheet Correct the Spelling Mistake (2)

Just like on Tuesday, can you spot the errors and make the corrections. There are 16 in total.

Answers will be revealed on the Answers and Solutions page tomorrow for you to mark.

How many will you get correct?!!


For Maths today, we are going to be doing a bit of a Maths Mixture!


Grab a pencil and paper and then join in with this video:

Maths - Y4 - Thu 13th Jan - Maths Mixture

Well done everyone!


I have some Maths Workouts here for you to choose from – Mild, Spicy and Hot.  You could choose to complete one or more of them.  Make sure you are setting yourself a challenge.


Once again, it doesn’t matter if you can’t print them out – you can use a pencil and paper.  Remember to use workings out to make sure you get accurate answers!

For the next two days-Thursday and Friday, I would like you to start making your Wonder of the World.

Just like Aminata has started to do.


Use the plans that you have and start creating!


I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations.




Answers and Solutions