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Thursday 21st July

Good morning and happy Friday Eve! laugh

There was more great learning yesterday.  Jack and Simra, I can see how hard you worked on your factfiles - they are very impressive!

Aaron, Chloe and Hayden, it is great to see your home learning - please remember to just do what is on the website, we are going through the work in the packs together and you need the instructions of what to do on each day.

Enjoy the day and if you can get outside for your PE let me know what you get up to!

Harvey likes to go for a walk with his dog.

Check out how cute he is:


There has been some absolutely fantastic maths work going on this week.

Today we are going to look and x and divide decimals with whole numbers.  You may remember us doing this when we have done our arithmetic in the afternoons.

Remember, if you can do it with a number without a can do it when there is a decimal place.  Don't let it put you off...…. you can do it!

check out this video from Miss Hart as a reminder:

Year 6 multiply and divide decimals

This is "Year 6 multiply and divide decimals" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now have a go at your own questions.  You will need the sheet that is called 'Multiply decimals by integers'.

Please make sure you show your working out - it is the best way for you to spot errors.


Complete the VF questions first, then move on the PS/R.

Your next maths task is coming from the 4 operations pack from last week.


This time you will be solving problems using al the work you have done on the decimals.  

Remember, if you are x by a multiple of 10, then you do not need to use a written method laugh


Complete sheet 1 of Banana Bob's fruit shop activity:


You will need the SPaG pack form last week, the same one that we have been using this week.

Today you will be finding out about determiners.

Watch the video and learn about determiners through the song.....I think it's great!

Then complete the activities on the sheets.

If you want an extra challenge you could rewrite the example of determiners in the song!

The Determiners Song



Today we are going to start listening to the story of Treasure Island.

It's not quite the way we would have done in class, but this way does mean that you can listen/ watch as the story comes together.


It is really important that you watch and listen carefully as we will continue to build on the story as we go through the rest of this term.


There are going to be 2 main activities today, and just like when we are in school, they will help us understand the flow of the story as well as get to know the characters.


Activity 1 - you will need a piece of plain paper from your packs.  Each time there is a clip for you to watch and listen to, we will be building a story map.  It will help you to remember what has happened in the previous sections of the story and keep an accurate detail of all the characters are introduced.

Please start your story map today.  Make sure you sequence the events carefully, noting down the names of people and places.

Today you will meet some of the main characters and some of the other pirates.


Click on the link below to access the start of the story.  You can watch it as many times as you need.

You might like to watch it the first time without starting the story map so you get the idea of what is happening, then the second time watch and pause so you can create the story map.

Treasure Island: Jim Hawkins and the Admiral Benbow | BBC Teach. Part 1

Jim Hawkins lives and works at The Admiral Benbow Inn near Bristol. His life is dull and Jim dreams of adventure. Then one day his life changes...An old sail...

Activity 2 -  A charater profile on Jim Hawkins.

What do we know about Jim?  

Think about his family, how he reacts to the pirates, why he has to work at the Inn and anything else you notice about his charater from the start of our story.

Draw an image of Jim and mind map his character traits - take your time and think carefully about what we know so far.


Under your picture, predict what you think will happen in the next part of the story.


Today we are moving away from learning about the heart, and focussing on our lungs.


Before you start, put your hand on your chest and take a big, deep breath in.  What happens?

Now breath out slowly.  What happens?


You will have felt your chest lift up and down with every breath.


Your lungs are incredibly - they are constantly working and mean we are fuelling our bodies with oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide.


Today you will need these sheets:


Spend the rest of your learning time research about the lungs and answering the questions on the sheet.

If it helps, you can make notes around it to support you.

Have a fantastic day and make sure you email if you would like any help with anything.


Enjoy your learning and I cannot wait to see what you achieve,


Miss Marshall