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Thursday 21st May 2020

Thursday 21st May 2020    21.05.2020

Hello everyone – it is Friday eve!  The weather forecast says there might be thunderstorms today – I wonder how accurate that forecast is?


Let’s have a look at today’s home learning menu.

How did you get on with the Arithmetic Test yesterday?  You can check your answers here:


Year 3 – Arithmetic Test 8

(1) 592, (2) 75, (3) 399, (4) 899, (5) 850, (6) 15, (7) 2, (8) two fifths, (9) 48, (10) 33, (11) 675, (12) 9, (13) 155, (14) 871, (15) 26, (16) 9, (17) 365, (18) 424, (19) 552, (20) 4


Well done Charlie – I was very impressed to hear you scored full marks.  Super concentration and focus!


In your home learning packs, I would like you to find the sheet called Units of Time.  Think about all those key important facts to help ensure you get the correct answers!  It might be a good idea to jot things down to help you as you go along.


Once you have completed that, have a go at this challenge:

Picture 1

I enjoyed reading the descriptions of how the shirt machine works.  It is much clearer for me now! 


Today I have a very super fun creative challenge for you.  In your packs you will find a sheet called Design your own shirt from the Shirt Machine.  Your job today is to come up with a wonderful new shirt that the machine could produce.  You need to draw it and explain what it can do and why it is so wonderful.


Remember in the video there were examples of the different things the shirt could do. 

Picture 1 Edible shirt
Picture 2 Kite Shirt
Picture 3 Musical Shirt

I wonder what you will create??  I can’t wait to see your ideas.

The shirt machine-English-

Not long now – tomorrow afternoon is the end of term film afternoon treat.  There were some lovely tickets that were made.  If you haven’t seen them yet – head over to the gallery.


Today I would like you to think about the snacks for your movie afternoon and start to get them ready.  Are you going to do any baking or making of the special treats?  If you are having popcorn, can you design and make your own popcorn holders out of cones of paper with a design on the outside?


I also need you to think about how you are going to set up the room for the film.  Do you need to move any chairs to make rows?  Are there enough cushions to make it comfortable?  You might want to have a practice set up to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything (but you will need to tidy it away until the actual film tomorrow once you are happy!).



Have a super day of home learning everyone – and I will catch up with you all tomorrow for the final day of home learning this term.