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Thursday 25th February

Happy Thursday everyone! Let’s start with our green pen time. Those were some very large numbers we were dealing with yesterday and you all did an amazing job!


So, for todays maths you will need the last 2 pages of your place value workbook (pages 12 and 13). On these pages are real life problems that you will need to solve. I would advise that you use some extra paper to do your working out as some of the problems are quite complicated (make sure you send me your working out too!)

Guided Reading

Todays comprehension is based around Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Ox which happens to be what I am! (If you are clever you might be able to work out which year I was born in!) Do you think I have the traits of an Ox? Do you know what animal you are?


Anyway, we digress! Make sure that you answer the questions fully and check what the questions want you to do!


Finish the clip you started yesterday (I will put it below). What Long John Silver says to Jim makes him think about home so today you will be writing in role as Jim. Write a letter back home to Jim’s mum telling her about his adventures and how much he has been missing her. I am sure that during lockdown you will have missed many people - use those emotions to help you write. Don’t forget this will be an informal letter but make sure you are using the language of the time!

Treasure Island: The pirates parley and the black spot | BBC Teach

The Hispaniola is safely moored - Jim has seized it from the pirates single-handed.Jim makes his way back to the stockade, assuming he'll return to a hero's ...

Creative Learning

Over the next couple of days, you are going to be creating a fact file about pirates. Today, your job is to use search engines safely to make notes about pirates. You might want to think about

  • History of pirates
  • Types of boats they would use
  • Famous pirates
  • Some ‘did you know’ facts
  • Where pirates travelled around the world

You can choose to look at pirates in general or you may choose to focus on one particular pirate. Make sure you have gathered enough information today as tomorrow you will be writing your fact file. (I have been desperate to put some sort of pirate joke in here but I have resisted!)


Look forward to seeing your work today!


Miss Hart😝