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Thursday 21st May

Thursday 21st May 2020     21.5.20    

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Hope you didn’t struggle with the arithmetic test yesterday! Lots of brilliant answers were sent in so well done everyone! Today we are going to be thinking about time and the key facts to know. In your packs there is a sheet titled Units of Time, this will really test your knowledge of different ways to tell the time and the different units: seconds, minutes, hours.


Give it your best your best go and try your hardest! Once you finish, have a go at this challenge:

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Doing our spelling test a bit earlier this week so you don’t have to worry tomorrow about it!

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Wowee! Lots of brilliant descriptions of how the shirt machine works! Some beautiful adjectives used!


Today, we are going to have a go at making our own amazing shirt from the shirt machine! In your packs there is a sheet rightly titled design your own shirt from the shirt machine (couldn’t be more obvious!) This is for you to draw your shirt and give it a name.


Think carefully about what you want your shirt to do. There were some absolutely amazing ones in the video so try to make yours just as fabulous!

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The movie night is getting closer! You’ve made so many preparations for the big day!


Today, have a go at making some snacks deals for your movie night! For example, maybe you have a 2 for 1 deal on drinks, design the sign for it! Or you might have a half price deal on the popcorn, guess what... make a sign for it! Be creative!


Also, maybe sketch a plan of the room for the movie night:

- where are the chairs going to go?

- where is the entrance?

- where is the screen?

- where will the snacks be kept?