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Thursday 28th January

Good morning everyone and happy Friday-Eve!!


Another fantastic day of learning yesterday - lots of brilliant pictures sent in of your hard work!


Today we have another fun packed day of learning, make sure you read the instructions carefully and keep checking back tot he webpage if you are unsure.


Today you are continuing  with your problem solving in maths using all the skills you have developed over the last few terms.


Remember our strategies for solving word problems:

- read the Q carefully

- underline the important info

- decide how many steps the problem is

- decide the operation(s)

- solve the problem

- check it makes sense


Remember you do have all the skills to complete these - please don't worry about the way the question is structured.  Just keep thinking about the calculations - the words are there to make it more complicated.  YOU CAN DO THESE laugh

For the rest of your maths time I would like you to go on to TT Rockstars.


Last week we looked at verbs and adverbs.

Today you are going to use these skills to ulevel a story that has been written.


It's very easy when we are not in school to not always push the language we use.  Follow the instructions on the website and complete the activities to up-level the story. Much in the same way we would do at school to our own writing.


Your mind maps and notes on being a cabin boy were great yesterday.  How do you think it would feel for Jim knowing that he was going on this great adventure?

I would imagine he had mixed emotions - he must be so excited to be seeing more than he has always known, however he has only ust met the people he is going with and will be away from his family.


Today's activity is to write a prediction about what Jim's first day will be like.


Think about:

- what the ship looks like

- the people he will meet

- what it will be like to set sail

- what it will be like to watch the dock get smaller as they set sail

- how the first day at sea will be


Remember to use your great Year 6 writing techniques.  Your sentences should be detailed and there should be lots of information as it's a prediction.........don't forget to PEE






Creative learning:


Have a fantastic day and I cannot wait to see what your sailor advice is!


Remember to spend time reading - there is still plenty of opportunity to reach your targets whilst you are at home and Miss Hart is updating the AR page regularly - your name could be up there any day now!


Miss Marshall xx