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Thursday 4th February

It's Friday Eve!

Well done for all your hard work yesterday - I am so glad that lots of you enjoyed the science investigation.  The pictures are fantastic and I can inly imagine how tired you all were by the end!

Well done those of you that are working hard to meet your AR target, I can see there's lots of extra effort going in, keep it up - you have until the middle of next week to meet them!


Today we are still looking at converting measures, but this time between miles and kilometres.

This is really useful, especially when planning journeys - sometimes you will be told how many miles it is to somewhere, for example Bluewater, but you may want to know how many kilometres that is.  After this lesson you'll be able to do that!

Maths is all about life skills and how you can apply them.


Watch this video from Mis Hart to help you lean how to convert between miles and kilometres:

Year 6 - Converting Miles to KM

This is "Year 6 - Converting Miles to KM" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

It's always easiest to remember that 5 miles = 8 kilometres.


Whilst you complete your activities today, keep referring back to this picture to help you - it gives you the instructions on how to convert:

In your packs you will need the sheets called miles to kilometres.


Use the conversion picture to help you solve the VF questions first.  You will need to show your working out to help you, so make sure you have paper you can do that on.

Then apply your skills to the second page on problem solving and reasoning.

For your extra maths challenge use search engines safely (you might like to ask an adult to help you as you will need information about your address) to find out the distance from your house to school in miles AND kilometres!


Let me know and we'll see who lives the closest and who lives the furthest from school laugh

Guided Reading:

Today you will need the 'Nian' it is all about the monster of the lunar new year.

You will learn more about the lunar new year in a couple of terms times when we find out all about Ancient China.

Remember to read the information carefully and to answer in full sentences.


Yesterday you were writing in role as Jim when he was trapped in the barrell.


It would have been a very scary time for him - he was surrounded by pirates and didn't know what was about to happen.  Luckily he was saved by a call about land being in sight.

At the end of the section of the story you watched yesterday, Jim tells the others about what he heard being planned.


Today your activity is to imagine you are Captain Smollet.


You have just been given the information by Jim.  How do you respond?  What is your plan?  You cannot possibly have the pirates take over your ship and hijack your journey to get the treasure, at the same time you need to keep the rest of your men safe.


What do you do?


Write a plan about how to deal with the pirates in role as the captain.

for this piece of writing you will need to remember to PEE!! Make your point, use evidence to back it up and then explain your point.

Also use:

- paragraphs

- vary your sentence structure

- use a range of punctuation

- use evidence from the story


I look forward to reading your plans about how you would deal with the pirates!


Yesterday you carried our some fantastic investigations!

Today, log on to Purple Mash and complete the activity set.  You will need to use what you learnt during your investigation.

Use the images they have provided - if you did other exercises, you could use search engines safely and include pictures of that too...….OR you could use the photos of you doing the exercises!

Remember when completing the writing section to make sure you use your great English skills - it can be very easy to miss spellings and capital letters when we use a computer, so take your time and edit your writing for improvements.

Please spend time on TTRockstars and MyOn - I will be checking your AR scores again tomorrow.


Have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning laugh


Miss Marshall xx