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Before children can feel success writing letters and numbers, they must first master the skill of forming vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines.


Set the online timer for five minutes. 


Click on the image to access the timer


Use the pencil control worksheet for this activity. Encourage your child to trace the lines carefully. They can work on one or two pages each day. 


If you don’t have this week’s home learning pack you can download the worksheet below.

If your child is still learning how to hold a pen/pencil properly, here are some useful tips to help them achieve this goal.




Activity: Compound Words Deletion (Verbal)

The objective of this activity is to teach your child to isolate syllables in words.


Before playing, make sure that your child is confident in segmenting and blending syllables.


Provide the child with a compound word, verbally. Ask them what the word would be without one part of it. For example, “What is jellyfish without the fish?”


You can use the list of words below for this activity.


Snowman          Snowflake           Butterfly              Lipstick

Ladybird            Superhero           Popcorn              Football

Sunflower          Classroom          Earthquake         Upstairs 

Footprint            Airport                Carpet                 Superstar




Numbers 6 to 10

Let’s review the numbers 6 to 10. Watch the Numberblocks episode “Now We Are Six to Ten”.


Click on the image to watch the episode


Activity: Number Recognition to 10

You will need: Number Recognition to 10 worksheet, crayon or marker


Ask your child to count the number of objects in each set and circle or colour the correct numeral.


If you don’t have this week’s home learning pack you can download the worksheet below.

Rote Counting to 20

Encourage your child to join in the counting song to practise counting to 20.




Activity: Marshmallow Art

Grab some paper, glue and your marshmallows. Invite your child to make a picture by gluing marshmallows to the paper. Don’t forget to share the finished artwork!