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Activity: Salt-Painted Snowflakes


You will need: white card, salt, PVA glue, watercolour (or food colouring), paintbrush, snowflake template (which you can download below).

Begin by tracing the snowflakes with your PVA glue. Sprinkle on your salt. Make sure you cover the snowflakes with the salt. Shake off the excess salt.


You can now begin painting the snowflakes with your watercolour. For best results, use a highly concentrated solution of your watercolour. Add a small amount of water to your solution to keep the colour vibrant.


Dip your paintbrush gently into your watercolour to get only a little bit of it at a time. If you have too much water when you’re painting the water will spill over and get your paper very wet. 


Once you’re done, let your painting dry. Be careful not to touch the salt or it may come off. 


You can watch a video tutorial below.

How to make salt-painted snowflakes

Still image for this video