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Thursday 4th March

Good Morning Turkey Class and Happy World Book Day!


Today’s home learning is going to be a little bit different as we are going to be doing lots of work about books.


The book that we are going to be learning about is The Gruffalo’s Child by Julia Donaldson. We learnt all about the Gruffalo in Term 1. Can you retell the Gruffalo story? Can you remember who the Gruffalo meets in the story?


We would like you to start today by listening to the story The Gruffalo’s Child - 

Did the Gruffalo’s Child meet the same characters as the Gruffalo? Talk to your adult about the story. What was your favourite part of the story? Why did you like that part? Would you like to read the story again? Would you recommend it to a friend?


Then you will need Guided Reading Activity 9 - 

We would like you to write a book review about the story. Remember to start your sentences with a capital letter and end them with a full stop. Then draw a picture of your favourite scene from the story.

There are lots of rhyming words in the story. Rhyming words have the same end sound although they may be spelt differently! Click on the link below to find out more about rhyming words - 

Then we would like you to see if you can match the rhyming words from the story. Click on the link below and then select match up on the right hand side - 

See if you can find all of the rhyming pairs. For an extra challenge you could see if you can think of another word that would rhyme with each pair.


In the story how does the mouse scare the Gruffalo’s Child? The mouse makes a really big shadow so that it looks like he is terribly big and terribly bad. We would like you to investigate how to make a big shadow. Watch the video about shadows -


Then we would like you to find a teddy or a toy that is about the same size as your hand and a torch or somewhere where the light shines. Hold your toy between the torch or light source and the wall and create a shadow. Then we would like you to investigate how to make the shadow bigger and how to make the shadow smaller. Let us know what you find out. 


Have a look at the story again, do you recognise the Gruffalo’s Child’s toy? It’s Stick Man. We learnt all about Stick Man earlier this year. Have a look at the other toys that the Gruffalo’s Child has to play with. 

What do you notice about the Gruffalo’s Child’s toys? They are all made using natural resources, they are made from bones and sticks. Today we would like you to create a toy for the Gruffalo’s Child using natural resources. You could go for a walk and collect some natural resources or collect some from your garden. Here are some ideas for some toys you could create - 

You could decorate pebbles to create your own characters, make pebble dominoes or twigs and stones noughts and crosses. You could use twigs to make a musical instrument or create your own stick man. We are sure that you will have some super ideas of your own too. We look forward to seeing what you create later today.


The Gruffalo’s Child was written by Julia Donaldson. Here is a picture of Julia Donaldson with some of her characters - 

Julia Donaldson has written lots and lots of books. Click on the link below to have a look through all of the books that Julia Donaldson has written - 

Have you read any of the books that Julia Donaldson has written? 


If you were going to write a book, who would your book be about? What would happen in your book? We would like you to draw a picture of a character that would be in your story. Use your imagination to create a really exciting character. Then we would like you to tell your adult a story about your character, you don’t need to write your story down though.


If you would like to you can read some information about Julia Donaldson’s life here - 

After that you can choose your own World Book Day activity from your pack. You could create your own book cover, colour your own bookmark, go on a book day scavenger hunt. These sheets are all in your pack - 

When you come back to school you will all be given a World Book Day voucher that you can use to buy a book - 

To end today we would like you to design your own World Book Day voucher - 

On your voucher draw your favourite book character. Make your voucher bright and colourful.


We haven’t set any Maths for today but we know that some of you love Maths so if you would like to you can complete Maths Activity 9 -

You are all really good at counting forwards and backwards.


For our story today we are going to watch the Gruffalo’s Child - 

If you have dressed up today don’t forget to send us a picture of your outfit too.


Have a lovely day.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain