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Good morning Year 5,


It was lovely to see so many of you completing yesterdays work! Do make sure you email me with your work if you can. Also don't forget that you should still be reading as well even if you can't take a quiz until we get back to school.


Guided Reading

Today you have a comprehension to complete all about Victorian workhouses. Don't forget to keep the information you have read because you will need it next week for your NCR.


For Maths today, I would like you to use your knowledge of ordering decimals to compare them. Don't forget to check which way round your more than and less than signs need to go.

For example: 0.67 > 0.34 (0.67 is bigger than 0.34)

                      0.15 < 0.78 (0.15 is less than 0.78)

There is also maths work with decimals on Purple Mash to complete if you haven't collected your packs.



Today, I would like you to make a prediction about what you think the book is going to be about. Use the extract to help you, you may even want to use evidence from this text to explain why you think something may happen.

For example: I predict that the story will be set in winter because the author describes Jim's toes as being blue with cold. It is also clear from the text that Jim isn't a fortunate child; he seemed very excited to buy a pie. The front cover of the book illustrates that Jim is running, this suggests that Jim may get into some kind of trouble that he needs to get away from.


Today, I would like you to find out what schools during the Victorian times was like. How were they different from today? Then, I would like you to complete the Venn diagram as to what life was like then and now for children that go to school. All this information that you are finding out about Victorians will help you with your learning next week.