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Understanding the functions of body organs

The major organs of the human body

Still image for this video

After watching the video, review the different organs of the body mentioned. Focus on the brain, skull, lungs, heart, stomach and skin. 


Help your child remember that:

  1. The brain is found on your head. It does all the thinking and tells the other parts of your body what to do. 
  2. The skull protects your brain.
  3. The heart pumps blood around your body.
  4. The lungs help you breathe. It lets air in and out of your body.
  5. The stomach digests the food you eat, meaning it breaks the food into tiny pieces.
  6. The skin is the biggest part of your body as it covers every bit of you. It keeps all your organs together and stops germs and dirt from getting inside your body. It also tells you when it is hot or cold.


Activity: I Spy

Once your child understands the topic, check their understanding by playing an I Spy game. Using the picture and the clues below, can your child find the right body part?

I Spy clues:


“I spy with my little eye...”

  • Something that tells the other parts of my body what to do
  • Something I use for writing or drawing a picture
  • Something that I use for kicking a ball
  • Something that digests the food I eat
  • Something that I use to eat my breakfast
  • Something that helps me read a book
  • Something that pumps blood around my body
  • Something that helps me smell flowers
  • Something that helps me hear things
  • Something that helps me breathe