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Comparing quantities and recognising when they are the same (or equal)

Refer to the slides below to introduce the concepts of same or equal. You can extend learning using real objects (e.g. small items) to check if your child understands how to compare quantities and identify if they are equal.


Activity: Are They Equal?

The aim of the game is to check if the number of objects in the top set is equal or the same to the number of items in the bottom set. 


Use the first picture to explain what your child needs to do. Ask them to count how many bones there are. Then ask them to count how many dogs there are. If your child counts correctly, they should be able to say that there are 2 bones and 4 dogs. Repeat the numbers to them: “2 and 4”. “Are they the same number?” 


Explain to them that if the numbers are the same, then they are equal. If the numbers are different, they are not equal.


Assist your child two more times before encouraging them to do the rest of the activity independently. Remember to click on each image to enlarge the picture.