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Thursday 21st January

Thursday 21st January 2021 21.1.21

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the new book! This is a very funny book so it is going to be great fun!

Today grab the sheet titled Dear Hound (chapters 1, 2 and 3) - Comprehension Questions and give it a go! I know you haven’t got the book in front of you but the video is below again for you to listen to!

Dear Hound Chapters 1,2 and 3

Great work yesterday! Keep it up!


Great work on your grid method yesterday! You have all mastered the method well! Just remember to carefully add your numbers together, you can use a column method to help you!


Speaking of column method, we are going to have a look at column method of multiplication. We have done a small bit on this last week to test your knowledge so it shouldn’t be a BRAND new concept! To help you, have a look at this lovely video:

Column Method

Grab todays sheet written methods of multiplication and have a go!

Remember to use known facts to help you with the bigger numbers:


if 6 x 2 = 12


60 x 2 = 120


600 x 2 = 1200


Remember, however many “0”s you have on the left of your = sign, you must have on the right of your = sign when multiplying!

Great work with your nouns yesterday! Make sure to use that new found knowledge in your english throughout the term!

Today we are going to focus on prepositions. These are words that tell us WHERE something is or WHEN something is. For example:


The boy always eats his cake after his crisps.


Grab the sheet titled prepositions and use the information below to help you answer the questions!

You have all come up with some amazing ideas for our role on the wall about Mrs Tredegar!

Today, grab the sheet titled IALT describe a character (Not the one from yesterday!) and today you are going to use your ideas to write about Mrs Tredegar. Think about all the things we have found out and some of the things you have come up with! Include full sentences and a range of beautiful vocabulary! For example:


Mrs Tredegar is a thin, frail, elderly lady. She has long, spindly legs like a spider. Her hat is her most prized possession, it is beige like a field of wheat and has a wide brim that casts deep shadows on her face. She acquired the hat from a dear friend when she was only 16 and has kept it in tip top condition ever since!


If there are any details you are unsure of or we haven’t learnt about... come up with your own! Create the story as we go!

Wowee, you all came up with really brilliant ideas about things that are Transparent, Translucent and Opaque!


Today we are going to use our knowledge of opaque objects and learn about SHADOWS!!!

Shadows are formed when and object blocks light. That means that they will be a similar shape to the object!

Use the information below to learn about shadows.

Grab the sheet titled IALA how shadows are formed and see if you can give a response to what each person is saying about shadows.

For example, person one might be saying:

Shadows are formed by transparent objects


Now we know this isn’t true so we might say:

Person 1 is wrong because the object has to be opaque to block out the light to form a shadow.


Do some of your own research for the answer to person 4!


Once you have done that, I have given you a small quiz on Purple Mash to really test your knowledge! Good luck!

What are shadows? | Physics - Spooky Science