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Thursday 7th January

Good morning everyone and welcome to Thursday laugh


It was fantastic to get so many emails of your wonderful home learning.  If you haven't yet seen them, then go back to the main page an check them out - there are some particularly good monsters!


Remember each day you still need to do some reading - you can do this on MyOn and work towards your target.  You should also spend time on TTRockstars.  Simra, I will investigate your passwords for you and get them sent out.


You did a great job with percentages yesterday, today we are moving on to finding 10%.  Remember all the hard work you have done on x and divide by 10.  Look at your place holders and remember the golden rule about the decimal point!

There is another video from Miss Hart for you to watch - make sure you have pencil and paper ready so you can have a go at the examples.

Year 6 % lesson 2

This is "Year 6 % lesson 2" by Westcourt School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now have a go at these questions by yourself:


10% of 233=

10% of 254=

10% of 768=

10% of 924=

10% of 1834=

10% of 3255=

10% of 5231=

And a couple of extra mean ones laugh

10% of £45.66

10% of £98.03

Extra house point if you can explain how you have solved these last 2 questions.


Keeping with maths, in your packs take out the 4 operation pack you started yesterday and completed the questions multiplying 4 digits by 2 digits:

Your monsters yesterday were incredible!


Today for English, take the Monsters pack back out and complete activities 2, 3 and 4.

Think about what information texts look like - remind yourselves of the double page spreads we have done (and they have been fabulous!!).  Make notes on the 3 different activities on how they will you to structure your information text (which we will do another day) and start to plan what you would like your writing to look like.


Your plan could be a mind map, a boxing up grid or bullet points.  You can decide what will help you most!


Remember to email in your plans so we can share them and you can magpie ideas from each other another day.

Your final activity for today is linked to computer programming.


Think back to term 1 and the fantastic games you made using mythical creatures.  You were able to create multi-level games that had challenges, rewards, and traps.

Over the next week you will get to plan and design a game similar but using your monsters - a great way to remember the skills you had started to develop.


Log on to Purple Mash and you have a task set that asks you to plan your game.


Have fun!

Have a fantastic Friday Eve and I cannot wait to see all your learning.


I am so proud of how many of you are taking part in your learning, it shows how dedicated you are to doing well laugh


Miss Marshall xx