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Home Learning for Thursday (14 May)







Learning Goals:

I am learning to copy movements in response to music.

I am learning to keep in time to a beat when moving.


Banana Chacha 

*You can just play the first part of the video.


Hello Sun Fun





Learning Goals: 

I am learning to follow simple instructions.

I am learning to manipulate malleable materials using my fingers and hands.


Let’s Go Fishing

Do this two times.  You will need play dough for this activity.

If you want to make your own play dough, you can follow this simple recipe.





Choose an activity based on your child’s fine motor skills.


Developing Pre-Cutting Skills


Developing Scissor Skills





Choose an activity based on your child’s language ability.


Plant Art





Your child can choose to play anything he/she likes for an hour.





Make sure your child is involved in clearing up the toys he/she played with.





A 15-minute break, with snacks that are preferably healthy.

Encourage your child to be independent in feeding themselves.

If possible, allow them to pour their own drink.





Choose an activity based on your child’s maths ability.


Review Numbers 1 To 5


All About The Number 8


Maths Mastery: Finding One More Or One Less





Trust Me Jack’s Beanstalk Stinks!