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Monday 11th January

Monday 11th January 2021 11.1.21


Hello again Hobbits! We have got an assembly today at 9am! Head on over to Miss Sexton’s page (I have linked it below!) to join in! It is the Chocolate Raffle, so it deffinitely isn’t one to miss!

For Maths today we are going to have a go at solving some multiplication and division problems! These may be a little bit tricky but do your best, it will require you to read the questions super carefully and make plenty of jottings! Use the sheet titled multiplication and division and have a go!


Don’t forget:

1. Make sure you read the question carefully, underline any important details you need to remember!

2. Pick which operation you need to use to answer the question, you may need more than one step or answer it!

3. Check your answers!

Look out! Spellings incoming! Today we are going to be practicing our spellings of words ending in -less and -ness, here they are to practice:











You should practice these whenever you can, either with some pyramid writing, rainbow writing or look the words up in the dictionary and use them in a sentence!


Once you have practiced those words have a go at the sheet titled fronted adverbials.

Fronted adverbials go at the start of a sentence to help us understand when (time), where (place) or how (manner) something happens. They are great to give extra information. Use the powerpoint below and have a go at sorting the fronted adverbials into their correct box. We will do more about these throughout the term, so don’t worry if you struggle now!

I hope you are enjoying the book! Don’t read any more just yet though! Today you are going to grab that BEAUTIFUL picture you drew last Friday and write a description of the room from the view of the boy. Imagine you are in the room, use your new found knowledge of fronted adverbials to help you describe where things are in the room! For example:


I shoved open the door, it creaked slightly, almost like it was yawning itself awake. I found myself in a vast room full to the brim with many wonderful sights! In the corner, I noticed a brightly lit cabinet covered in a thick layer of dust, it can’t have been opened for years! Carefully, I tugged on the doors to reveal the most amazing collection of snow globes I had ever seen! There must have been hundreds of them!


I hope that helps and I can’t wait to read your descriptions!

This week’s topic is going to be ART! Hope you’ve put your creative hats on today! (Mine’s rainbow coloured and shoots fireworks out the top) We are going to focus on a very famous illustrator Quentin Blake! He used to do all the drawings for the amazing author Roald Dahl!


Today I would like you to use the website below (Quentin Blake’s very own website!) to find out a little bit more about him and his work, we will be working towards having a go at drawing in his style and presenting a beautiful fact file about him by the end of the week.

Good luck!

Bonjour mes amis, l’heure du Français! Didn’t understand that?! It says:

Hello my friends, time for some French!


We have managed to learn some French this year and over the next few days we are going to practice the vocabulary we have learnt!


In your packs there is a sheet titled Ca Va?, make sure you read the instructions carefully and try to answer the question! If you need a recap, look at the pictures below!

Good luck and enjoy!

If you have completed some work and want to show me, take some pictures and send them to me at:

won't be able to reply to anything sent but I will be putting pictures up on the class page! 

Don't forget to keep playing some TTR, send me plenty of Rockslams so I can keep practising my times tables (not that I need to because I'm the best in the class!)

There are also some brilliant games and activities on PurpleMash that you can complete if you want to keep busy.
You are all superstars and will be amazing little learners from home! Keep smiling, keep laughing and enjoy the chance to show your families what great learners you are! (Maybe you’ll be able to teach them a thing or two!)


Good luck and see you soon my little Hobbits!

Mr Tooher 🐼