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Tuesday 19th May 2020

Tuesday 19th May 2020    19.05.2020

Hello everyone and welcome to Tuesday!  I really enjoyed seeing your posters for the movie afternoon on Friday – I think you are going to have a lot of fun!


Here is today’s home learning menu…

First of all, how did you get on with yesterday’s challenge?

Maths Challenge Solution - Mon 18 May

Today, we are going to be thinking about the different types of lines: horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular.


We have already done a lot in class about horizontal and vertical. 


Remember that horizontal has the word horizon in it, so that will help you to remember.




Parallel lines always stay the same distance from each other.  If you made them longer they would never get closer or further away from each other.  A good example of this is train tracks.  If the train tracks weren’t parallel, the train would eventually fall off the tracks!



Perpendicular lines are two straight lines that will intersect (cross over) making a right angle of 90 degrees.  Sometimes you will see perpendicular lines that are not actually touching – but if you made them longer they would cross making a right angle so they are still perpendicular to each other.


In your home learning packs, find the sheet called Horizontal and Vertical Lines.  See how you get on.


And then, have a go at this challenge:

Picture 1

In your pack, find the sheet called Conjunctions 2.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the sheet has printed properly – you should be able to see letters in some of the hexagons.  So, ignore the instructions and see if you can select appropriate conjunctions to complete the sentences.

For our English for the next couple of days, I need you to watch this excellent video called ‘The Shirt Machine’.

The shirt machine-English-

Isn’t that an amazing machine?  I would love one of those!


In the film we never really see how the inside of the shirt machine works.  Your job today is to draw the inside of the machine. 


Think about all the different stages that might be involved in making the shirt: cutting material, sewing, adding the design, adding in special features, wrapping.  What robotic arms might make these things happen?  How will the shirt get from one section to the next?  A conveyor belt?  Clips that move along a wire?


There is a sheet in your home learning pack called Design the workings of the Shirt Machine where you can let your creativity go wild!

Yesterday you made the important decision about what film will be showing for your film afternoon on Friday.


Today I need you to think about the timetable of events.  What else could you include as well as watching the film?  Could there be a game or challenge linked with the film before it starts?  A dance competition perhaps?  Maybe after the film there could be a fun quiz for everyone to do?  Jot down your plans and ideas in your home learning book.


And, very importantly – you need to plan out the snacks!  What scrummy snacks will there be?  Can you make them link to your chosen film?  For example, if you are showing Minions you could have bananas as a snack!! Get planning!

Sorry it has taken so long, but here (finally!) is Chapter 8 of 'Funfair Repair'!

Funfair Repair - Chapter 8

Have a great day of home learning and remember to get outside and enjoy the sunshine if you can!  I will catch up with you all tomorrow!