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Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning all and happy Tuesday to you all!


To start with, lets have a look at our work from yesterday. Here are the answers for Maths and Guided reading so green pens at the ready (or any colour pen you fancy as you at home!)

Maths answers

Guided reading answers

You all did so well with this yesterday, lets keep up the good work today!



Today you will need pages 6-7 and 8-9 in your place value workbooks.


Pages 6-7 require you to write numbers in words. Here are some key words you might need (keep an eye on your spelling please!)

  • Million
  • thousand
  • hundred
On pages 8 and 9, you will once again need to use all of your place value skills to determine what specific digits in a number are worth. Don’t forget, draw a place value grid if you need to!


You will need the preposition sort sheet for this lesson. Remember, a preposition is something that tells you where, when or why something is in relation to something else. These are more complex prepositions you are going to be looking at. Some example of more common ones you will already know are over, under, on, outside, despite to name but a few. You will then get an opportunity to use these in your own sentence - don’t forget to impress me with your sentence structure!

Treasure Island: A fight and the Hispaniola captured | BBC Teach

Jim cannot sleep. He knows something needs to be done, but he's not sure what.He slips away in the night, making his way towards the shore.Jim finds an old b...


First of all, you will need to finish watching the clip that you started yesterday.


There are 2 things you now need to do!

1 - Update your story map with what you now know (I am told you started these last term so I can’t wait to see how they are coming along!)

2 - Now you know how Jim took back the Hispaniola, write again as Jim. This time, you will be recounting the battle that took place on board and how he was able to defeat Hans. Remember, it will be in 1st person and in the past tense. Think about how you are going to capture how Jim would have been feeling at every point - make sure you use lots of emotive language and varied sentence structure to build the tension and excitement!


Creative Learning

Having created your islands yesterday (some of which I would love to visit, some not so much!), you are going to think about the wildlife on it. Your island is home to a species of animal that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! So, today you must design that animal.You are going to need to draw a picture to show what it looks like then create a fact file all about your animal.


This factfile needs to include the following:

  • Annotated picture
  • Name
  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Family groups
  • Appearance
  • Any special/unusual talents the creature might have

You can set this fact file up however you like, think about fact files that you have done before to help you.


I cannot wait to see all of your amazing work on terrific Tuesday!


If you have any questions or need any help, just email me.

Please still do this at


as I am still having problems with he other one!


Have a good day


Miss Hart 😝