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Tuesday 2nd March

Tuesday 2nd March 2021  2.3.21

BIG NEWS! Tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd March) we will have the opportunity to have an online catch up with each other! This won’t be a lesson, just a bit of a Jigsaw like time to catch up and have a chat and some games! All details of this will be going out to adults today.

If you are going to come, I would like you to bring something you have done over lockdown you are proud of. This could be some home learning, a drawing you’ve done, something you’ve made, a book you’ve read, absolutely anything you’ve done that you feel proud of and want to show everyone! Can’t wait to see you all!



For maths today we are looking at equivalent lengths. Everything you need to know is explained in the video!


Remember to read the question carefully, and to convert the different measurements correctly. (To convert something means you change it into something different).


Good luck!

Equivalent lengths - m and cm

Time to get cosy and listen to the next part of the book! It’s getting really interesting now!


Once you have listened to the book, I would like you to write what you liked about this part and what you disliked about this part of the book.

Year 3 - Dear Hound Chapters 16, 17 and 18

Great work yesterday! I hope you are really enjoying this book!


Today we are going to read some more of the book and then have a little bit of an arty activity for you to have a go at today! Grab the sheet titled Seawig for Cliff and have a watch of the video below for more information!

Year 3 - English 2.3.21

Well done everyone with your ideas for the recycling machine! The company were extremely happy and excited to use the ideas you came up with!


Because of you’re amazing work, another company wants your help! Today, you have a task of creating a board game. Now you have two choice for this:


1. A board game that helps people learn about Forces, this could be like the game trivial pursuit, where you answer questions to win


2. A board game that uses magnets as part of the board. This could be that you would use a magnet to move pieces around or to earn points


You have lots of choice for this! You can either draw and label your game, or have a go at making (and playing) it! Good luck