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Tuesday 26th January

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!


Today is officially 'dance like no one is watching day' so why not do some dance for your PE today?  


There was some fantastic learning yesterday and I am very impressed with what you found out about Burns night.  Did any of you celebrate it?  If so, how?  I'd love to know!


Enjoy your learning for today - we no longer need any of the work from your previous pack so you can put that in a safe place.




Today we are revising finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

You did some great work on this last week  - today you are going to apply all those skills to answer your questions.

Remember percent means out of 100.  This will help you with the fractions.  Also remember you can use place holders to help you with the decimals.


You will need the sheet called equivalent FDP.


Start with the VF and then move on to your PS/R 

Three times a week we will also complete arithmetic, much in the same way that we did in school straight after lunch.


Here are your 4 questions for today:


1) 47 x 32 = 


2) 235 divided by 16 = 


3) 45.09 + 23.116 = 


4) 74.94 - 33.255 = 

Guided Reading:

Today we are going to start practicing our Guided Reading skills.

In class we were working on skimming and scanning texts to find answers to questions.  Just like our booklets in class, there are some questions that need you to tick a box, some that may only need a word or two, and some that need a more detailed answer.


Read through the text carefully then answer the questions.


If you finish and have time, as an extension can you write 2 of your own questions in the gap underneath the last page - then when you send in a picture of your work other children in the class can have a go at answering your questions!


Today we are going to listen and watch part 2 of Treasure Island - The Squire and the Treasure Map!

Treasure Island: The Squire and the treasure map | BBC Teach

How do you think Jim's mum felt knowing that her son was about to leave her?

He had always been with her and worked with her at the Inn.

She says how proud she is in the story and he has been personally selected to join the prestigious crew.  However at the same time he is her only son and her last remaining family member that is about to go away, and she has no idea when she will see him again.


Your writing challenge today is to write in role as Jim's mum.

You are going to be writing Jim a letter that he can open the morning he sets sail with the crew.


Things to think about and include:

- how much she will miss him

- how she will be waiting for him to return home

- how proud she is

- advice on how he should stay safe

- use of emotive language...….make it totes emosh!!


If you want to, you could make your letters even more authentic by tea staining them once you have finished your writing!


Today we are continuing with our science topic on the circulatory system.


On Purple Mash you have been set the task to create an information text about your major organs.

Recently we have focussed on the heart and lungs, but our bodies are made up of so much more.


The work on purple mash is to take a couple of afternoons, so you do not need to do it all today.  Log on and look at the pictures of the organs.  Then this afternoon research the jobs of each of them and why we need them.  You can just make notes on these.  Tomorrow's science will be to make your information text using Purple Mash and your notes.


Remember to use search engines safely by putting either 'for kids', 'for KS2' or 'for children' at the end of your search.


Have a fantastic day and enjoy dancing like no one is watching laugh


Miss Marshall xx