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Tuesday 29th June

Morning all!


Hope you had a good evening. Here are the answers to the maths problem solving yesterday so you can see how you did!

So todays problem is another logic one, seeing how well you did with it yesterday!


Here you go!

You used tables really effectively to help you yesterday so make sure you do the same today!

*Use table

*Work systematically

*Start with what you know

*What do you know can be true


So, for English today, I am going to need you to watch a bit more of the story to continue our writing tomorrow. Please make sure that you make notes as you are watching them so that you are ready for our writing tomorrow!

Around the World in 80 Days 6 Passports and Visas Level 6 By Little Fox

passports and visas

Around the World in 80 Days 7 The Mongolia Level 6 By Little Fox

The Mongolia

Around the World in 80 Days 8 In Bombay Level 6 By Little Fox


So make sure you make plenty of notes, we will be writing a recount of Passepartouts time in Bombay tomorrow!



This afternoon, I would like you to think like Philleas Fogg this afternoon. You know the route that Phileas took (in video two). How long would that route take him today, considering the different forms of transport we have today.

Visiting the following places, how long would it take to follow the same route as Fogg. Explain what modes of transport you would take and how long each part of the journey would take.

The route







*Hong Kong


*San Fransisco

*New York



See if you can find what the quickest route could be!


Don’t forget your AR time today and TTR too. I will be back later with hoodie colours for you to choose from if you haven’t already done so.


Have a great day!


Miss Hart 🥸