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Tuesday 29th June 2021

Good Morning Turkey Class!


I hope everyone got on with their work okay yesterday.


Please remember to work through the tasks to the best of your ability and spend enough time to complete the task but remember to have breaks as you would do in school and to have fun with your family too :) .


You've worked really hard yesterday and I am confident that you can make it today and as always believe in yourself that you can do it.



Give it your best shot !!


Miss Hussain 

English - Grandad's Island

We have already read and looked over the the story The Storm Whale so I thought we could look over another story by the same author. This story is called Grandad’s Island and it is going to read by the author himself Benji Davies. 

After you have listen to the video I would like you to draw a picture of which scene you liked the most about the story and write a few sentence or two underneath about the reasons why you like that part of the story. 

As always can we remember the drill -

Neat handwriting
Makes sense 
Capital Letters
Full stops when needed  
Finger spaces.

Phonics - 

You can use the link below to play some of the phonics games you play in class. Please choose the correct phase for the phonics group you are in:


Miss Peace/ Miss Hussain's phonics group - phase 5

Mrs Beatty’s phonics group - phase 3

Mrs Kay’s phonics group - phase 2


Phonics play

Phonics bloom

Maths - Money

Electronic option - video and activity sheet

Watch the teaching video and then complete the activity sheet (uploaded)


OR, practical option


We are going to be looking over what we have learnt so far about different coins and how we can use them. Find a set of real coins/notes (or print and cut out from sheet uploaded). You will need a 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1 £2 £5 £10.


  • Show children the coins and show them the value of each on the coin face.
  • Explain how: *p = pence             £ = pound
  • *100 pennies = £1
  • *We don’t have a coin for every amount (3.g 3p or £3) so we have to add coins together.


Help your child to name/recognise the coinsensure they are secure with each coin- and then order them from smallest to largest value 1p - £2. 


Ask them to close their eyes- take one coin away can they look and remember which one is missing? What colour/shape is it? Repeat.

Money Video

Topic - Beaches

Please watch this lovely video of Barnaby Bear by the seaside to help you complete the task.  


For the activity you can to try and see if you can find a ‘beach’ word beginning with every letter of the alphabet. It is quite a challenge so ask your adult or anyone near to help and give you an idea.(Activity attached down below) 


After you has found as many words as possible, you could try and write a imaginative story using the words that you have found.

Barnaby Bear Goes To The Seaside

Storytime - Shh! We Have a Plan Read By Chris Haughton

Hope you enjoy this story today and again before you listen to the story have a discussion or a think with an adult, whoever is next you or even by yourself about what do you think the story is going to be about.