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Tuesday 2nd February

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!


Another fantastic day of home learning yesterday - lots of brilliant pictures of what you have been up to, thank you laugh


Please remember you can still do quizzes and meet your AR target - there's still over a week to go so it's not too late.  When you hit 100% you make it onto the AR stars page on the website!


Today, why not try something a bit different - head over to Miss Hart's page and join in with some singing!


Yesterday you did some great work on metric measures and I can see you worked really hard to remember to convert the measurements - again for today, remember when you are x and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 then you do not need to do a written method, your numbers move around the decimal point.


You need the sheets that are called 'convert metric measures'.  Complete the VF first and then the PS/R.

Use the strategies for problem solving including underlining the important information - just like when we are ins chool, this will help avoid sloppy mistakes.

Your second maths challenge for today is a visual problem to solve.

Look at this picture:


The triangle is made up of lots of other, smaller triangles.


How many triangles can you see in total?

Guided Reading:

Today for Guided Reading, you are going to be putting your inference skills to the test in poetry.

Poems can be really tricky when you are looking for the meaning of the questions.

Remember, if you are unsure of the meaning of a word then try and find the root word - often we know the meaning of those.  You could also use search engines safely and you can look up the meaning of challenging vocabulary.


Today you need 'The Listeners'.  Read the poem and answer the questions.


Yesterday for English you planned your recount of Jim's arrival and first day aboard the Hispaniola.


Your planning way divided into these different sections:


1 - arriving in Bristol and seeing how busy the dock is

2 - meeting Long John Silver and Jim's first impression of him

3 - going on the small sail boat with Long John Silver up to the Hispaniola

4 - boarding the Hispaniola and meeting the crew

5 - climbing the rigging and watching the provisions being brought on board

6  - setting sail on the adventure of a life time


Today, your English activity is to write your recount.  If it will help you, go back to yesterday's page and watch the section of the story again.


Your writing needs to:

- be in past tense

- be in first person

- vary sentence structure

- vary sentence openers

- use a range of punctuation


Make your writing as exciting as possible - remember this is Jim's first experience not only away from his mum and all he knows, but also at sea.  Think about how this would feel and the excitement and nervousness he would be going through at each stage.


Today you are going to be putting all your science knowledge from this unit to work by building your own 3D version of the circulatory system!

You will need scissors, glue, a lot of patience, and these sheets:

You will also need the final page called the body.


Follow the instructions on each page to construct your circulations system.


Your extra challenge is to record a video of you explaining how it works by going through the layers of your 3D model!

During your learning time today remember to get your PE in as well as spending time on TTRockstars and reading - lets try and get as many of you as close to your target as possible!


Have a fantastic day,


Miss Marshall xx