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Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning all! Let’s start with our green pen time - here are the answers from yesterday.


So for maths today you will be completing the rest of the measurement booklet - that is pages 7 to 13. Today you will need to be able to find area, perimeter and volume of shapes.


  • Perimeter - the distance around the outside (add them together)
  • Area - space inside (length x width)
  • Volume - space inside 3D shapes (length x width x height)

If you need any help, just let me know


We have finally finished the story of Treasure Island! Read through your story map and retell the story in your own words.


Today, you are going to plan your own version of Treasure Island which we will continue to write throughout the rest of the week. You can come up with different character and pirate names. However there are some ‘musts’ - these are

  • Going to a far away island on a ship
  • Use a treasure map
  • Find treasure

Create your own boxing up grid to help you plan. Remember, the parts of a story are as follows

  1. Opening
  2. Build up
  3. Problem
  4. Resolution 
  5. Ending

I cannot wait to see your plans for this; your stories are going to be amazing!

Creative Learning

Today you have some purple mash work to complete - it is a Pirate poem! Using all of the pirate knowledge you have gained and the language you know pirates use, you are going to create a poem all about swashbuckling pirate battle! Think about all of the language you are going to do and what you know would have happened in a pirate battle!


Have a great day, and remember if you need anything just email me.


Miss Hart🤪