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Tuesday 19th January 2021

Yesterday we looked at the opening of 'The Tin Forest' and made some predictions about what could happen in the book.


Let's find out a bit more about it.  You will need to find the sheet The Tin Forest - Meeting the Main Character (it has today's date on and is double-sided).


Here are the next few images from the book but the text has been hidden.



Your first task is to provide possible sentences to go with each picture.  This is the main character who lives in the little house surrounded by rubbish.  Try and make your sentences sound like a story.


Now, look at this illustration.  Once again the text has been hidden.  It shows the old man dreaming at night:



Notice how he dreams of a wonderful forest full of colour and life. 
This is so different to his own life.


On the other side of the sheet there are some questions for you to think about and write answers for.  Use clues from the pictures so far and your own imagination to write answers.


Tomorrow I will reveal more about the main character and show you what the sentences actually said.


I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Speech Marks”

Click on the picture below to watch the video to recap on how to use speech marks in direct speech.




Find this worksheet in your pack and complete it using your knowledge of speech marks.



OK Math-magicians - let's see if we are ready....


Piece of paper? YES!

Pencil? YES!
Maths brain switched on?  OF COURSE!


Today we are going to be thinking about Subtracting lengths, so have a look in your packs and find the sheet called Subtract lengths (it has today's date on it).


And here's a video to get you started:

See how you get on with your independent learning today.  


It is tricky so try your best, and don't get stressed if you find it hard.


If you are finding the sheet in the pack a bit tricky, you could try having a go at this version:


Yesterday, many of you completed a local area study and explored what your area has to offer. 


Today, you are to design a poster/leaflet or write a speech to encourage people within your local community to look after it. E.g. throw litter in the bin.


I have set a 2Do to use on Purple Mash for those of you who wish to complete the task digitally.

Here are some examples of what was discovered in your immediate surroundings.









Answers and Solutions



Here are the solutions to Maths from yesterday - Mon 18 Jan 2021 (Adding Lengths)

1a) 195cm     1b) 35cm
2a) 1m     2b) 15cm     2c) 80cm     2d) 8mm

3) 1m 35cm

4) 280cm which is the same as 2m 80cm

5) Whitney's pattern is 26cm     Eva's pattern is 37cm

6) There are various answers here such as 5mm + 5mm + 5mm + 5mm + 8mm + 8mm

7) Different combinations here, such as: 

3 of Brick C

4 of Brick D

2 of C with 2 of B

and so on.