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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Today we are going to be doing to Reading and Comprehension work.  In your home learning packs, you should find an extract of a story called Tirok searches a mystery room.


Have a read of it yourself and also take a look at this video where we can read it together (and check the meanings of some tricky words):

In your packs you will also find a sheet with some questions based on the text.


Remember to use all your skills from guided reading to be able to answer the questions:

* Read the questions carefully

* Think about the key words in the question that are important

* Skim and scan through the text to find the important part

* Read that part of the text to find the answer

* Make sure you have answered what the question was asking.


Good luck!



Year 3&4 Common Exception Words Activity

Find this worksheet in your pack

There are 16 errors that need to be corrected. Can you spot them and spell them correctly?

the answers will be revealed tomorrow. Have fun!



Are your maths brains switched on?  Of course they are!


Take a look at this video to get started:

Maths - Y4 - Tue 12 Jan - Adding larger numbers

Have a look in your pack and you will be able to find the sheet you need for today's maths.  It is called Adding larger numbers.


Make sure you remember to keep all your columns lined up when adding and always start with the ones column!  Careful and accurate calculation is important of course, and don't forget to check your answers carefully.


The sheet says to do four examples, but you can always do more if you wish!


And, here are some more maths challenges you can complete.  You will be able to solve a lot of these mentally or by using jottings.  See how you get on.

For the past week, you have all being doing some research on The Great Wall of China. You have produced some fantastic fact files, and pictures relating to this.


Today’s activity is for you to research one of the other ‘The Wonders of the World”.







Answers and Solutions


Tirok searches a mystery room


1) Endeavour

2) In the future

3) Three

4) The room was full of complex scientific equipment.

5) The room was different from the others because the walls were not shimmering.

6) Two of the characters are Tirok and Ella.

7) They wanted to hide because they heard footsteps.


1) complicated

2) effort

3) Ella had been leading the way along the passage.

4) Their hearts were pounding because they were scared and excited.  They were scared about being caught or there being danger in the room.  They were excited about what they might find.

5) The silence in the room was broken by the sound of footsteps coming towards them.

6) The walls did not shimmer like all the other walls.