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Tuesday 23rd February

Good Morning Turkey Class,


We hope that you had a super day yesterday. Thank you to those of you who sent us an email and well done on a great start to Term 4, we were really impressed with all of your work.


Today for Guided Reading you will need Guided Reading Activity 2 - 

Our Guided Reading today is called Blast Off! What do you think our Guided Reading Activity is going to be about? See if you can read the sheet, remember to ask your adult for help with any words that you might find tricky. What do you notice when you read the sheet? Is it a story? Today’s sheet is a poem and it includes lots of rhyming words. Reread the sheet and see if you can spot all of the rhyming words. After that turn your sheet over and see if you can answer the questions on the back of the sheet.


For English today we are going to be thinking about our new story. Yesterday you looked at the pictures of the man from our story and wrote lots of questions that you could ask the man. What do you think the man does? What do you think his name is? Click the link below to listen to the story and see if you can find out all of the answers to your questions.

Then you will need English Activity 2 - 
Today we are going to be writing about our favourite part of the story. Talk to your adult about your favourite part of the story. See if you can explain why it was your favourite part of the story. What did you like about that part of the story? Once you have talked about your favourite part we would like you to write some sentences about your favourite part of the story. You can watch the video below to help you with ideas for your sentences - 

English - Turkey Class

At the bottom of your sheet there are some words that you might need in your sentences so remember to check their spellings when you are writing your sentences. We look forward to seeing your sentences later today.


For Maths we would like you to start with the Missing Number Snakes sheet - 

Look carefully when you fill in the missing numbers as sometimes the snake is counting in 2s, sometimes the snake is counting in 5s and sometimes the snake is counting in 10s but there are also some tricky snakes that are adding or subtracting 2 each time but using odd numbers. Click on the link below to check your answers - 
Then you will need Maths Activity 2 - 

This activity involves addition. On the left hand side of your sheet it tells you how many sheep you need to add to the pen, draw that number of sheep in the pen. Then add the sheep that are on the right hand side of the pen. See if you can write a number sentence for each problem. You can also have a go at using the number line or the ten frame at the bottom of your sheet to prove that you have found the correct answer. 


For Phonics today we are going to be learning and practising the ‘aw’ sound - 

AU and AW

Then you will need Phonics Activity 2 - 

Have a go at playing the snakes and ladders game. See if you can read the ‘aw’ words and for an extra challenge see if you can spell the ‘aw’ words too.


For PE today we would like you to spend some time outside in the fresh air. Maybe you could go for a nice walk with your adult. Then we would like you to create your own obstacle course either indoors or outside. You could use some of your toys in your obstacle course. Here are some ideas that you could include in your obstacle course - 


hop from the living room to the front door

skip down the path

throw and catch the ball five times

move on your hands and your feet around the teddy bears

jump backwards and forwards over the skipping rope


We are sure that you will have lots of fantastic ideas of your own too. Remember to have lots of fun creating your obstacle course.


Then it will be time for Independent Learning. Don’t forget to let us know what you get up to today.


Our story today is called Ada Twist, Scientist - 

Ada Twist, Scientist

Have a brilliant day and we look forward to hearing from some of you later today.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain