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Tuesday 2nd March

Good Morning Turkey Class,


We hope that you had a good day yesterday. Thank you for all of your emails, we are really impressed with all of the work that you have been doing at home.


Miss Hart has added some information about World Book Day to her page, don’t forget to have a look on her page.


Well done to Amelia for being our Worker of the Week.


For Guided Reading you will need Guided Reading Activity 7 -

Read the story and then see if you can answer the questions. Remember to ask your adult for help with any tricky words. 


For English today we are going to start with a game - 

After that you will need English Activity 7 - 

Today we are going to write a set of instructions for visiting the moon. Can you think what things you would need to do before visiting the moon? Have a look at the astronaut below and all of the equipment that he or she needs to travel to the moon - 

Which piece of equipment do you think he or she would put on first? Which piece would come next? Which piece of equipment do you think he or she would put on last? We would like you to write a set of instructions for visiting the moon, we would like you to include time words in your instructions too. There are some time words at the bottom of your sheet for you to use. 


If you need a little help to complete your sheet, see if you can put the instructions below into the correct order - 

You could then use these instructions on your sheet or you could make up some of your own instructions to use. 


For Maths you will need Maths Activity 7 -

Today we will be thinking about number facts. You will need two players and a different coloured pencil each. Each player needs to pick a number and then think of a number sentence for that number. We would like you to also prove that your number sentence is correct - you could for example use objects to prove that your number sentence is correct. If you pick the number 20 for example, you might say 10 + 10 = 20. Then you could count out 10 pieces of pasta and another 10 pieces of pasta and put them together to prove that 10 and 10 is 20. Have fun!


For Phonics we are learning and practising ‘a-e’ - 


Then you will need Phonics Activity 7 - 

See if you can spot all of the a-e images in the picture and write the words in the boxes. Here are some clues to help you to spot the a-e words - 


It makes a hissing noise

You eat this when it’s your birthday

You use this to tidy leaves in the garden

This is usually attached to a fence

It is very dark and the bear lived in one in the We’re going on a bear hunt story

Fish might swim in here but it’s not a river or a pond


For PE today we would like you to pick a couple of activities to complete from this website -

There are lots of fun activities for you to choose from.


We would also like you to spend some time outside in the fresh air. You could go for a run or a walk or play a game outside. 


If you have time today we would also like you to talk to your adult about your favourite lunch at school. Do you like school dinners or packed lunch? Do you like Wednesday roasts, Friday fish and chips? Is there a pudding that you really enjoy? Maybe you could draw a picture or send us an email about your favourite lunch.


Then it is time for Independent Learning time. 


Our story today may be one that you already know, it’s called Aliens Love Underpants - 

Alien's Love Underpants

Have a super day.


Miss Pearce and Miss Hussain