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Dragon Painting

You will need: assorted paint, A4 paper, googly eyes, paintbrushes, gift curling ribbon, PVA glue



Fold your A4 sheet of paper in half. Begin by painting one half of the paper. Your child can use a paintbrush or their fingers to paint.


Once the paper is looking beautiful and colourful, fold the paper in half and press the paint onto the other half of the paper. This will make your art work symmetrical and form your dragon’s face and body.


Once your painting is fully dry, use the PVA glue to add your dragon’s googly eyes. Finish off your dragon painting by adding some curling ribbon.


Why is the Chinese Dragon used to celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese dragons are a symbol of China and they are believed to bring good luck to people. You may have seen the famous dragon dances, performed during Chinese New Year celebrations. It is thought that the longer the dragon used in the dance, the more luck it will bring. A team of dancers work together to move the dragon using poles that are fixed to the 'body'. 


Here is a great video showing people getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year during a festival.

San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade 2012