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Tuesday 19th January

Tuesday 19th January 19.1.21

Fantastic work Hobbits! You all tried your hardest and did super at the work yesterday, keep it up!


You have all managed to understand the steps to grid method really really well! Using your known facts to help you, I even saw a few of you use column method of addition as your final step! Great stuff!


We are going to carry of with some grid method to really make sure we know our stuff!


Grab 2 sheets from your pack, the first one is Grid Multiplication and the second one is Multiplication problem solving!


Now I know how badly you want to see the front cover of the book... so here it is:



This is by Quentin Blake! Some of you noticed the drawings were very similar to what we had a go at (well done!).

Have a listen to the next part of the book below:

The Green Ship Part 2

Now that you have enjoyed the next part of the book grab the sheet titled IALT use speech marks and have a watch of this next video of a friendly face giving you some help with your work!

Creating Speech 19.1.21

Your job is to use speech marks to write in the style of a story about what the children were saying and doing as they investigate the ship. For example:


Sally clambered onto the ship, “come on up, it’s super cool on here!” She yelled back to me as she disappeared behind a towering funnel. I was a bit worried at first, “I.. I’m not sure if we should be doing that Sally!” I whimpered, “the owner might not be happy about it...” my words got lost amongst the foliage, I knew I had to follow her.  


I can’t wait to see your writing!

A little bit of Guided Reading today! Here is the start of a new book we will be doing for the next few weeks called Dear Hound. This is a lovely book about a dog and a cat and a crazy adventure! I hope you enjoy!

Once you finish this part, I would like you to write one thing you liked about this part of the book and one thing you disliked about this part of the book.

Dear Hound Chapters 1,2 and 3

Today we are going to learn about how light travels! This is a super cool topic and will require lots of investigating!

First, watch the videos below and then we have a small challenge for you!

Science Video for Kids: How Does Light Travel?

Challenge time! I would like you to get yourself an object, maybe a toy. Something small enough to stand behind a book. Now, grab your torch and hold it facing the book, without moving the torch, see if you can get the light to shine on your object! (Have a look below for how to set up your challenge!)

Think about what we have learnt about previously that could help us!