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Tuesday 6th July

Good morning all!


2 home learning days to go before I get you all back! Yay! 🥰


This morning we will start with another problem solving, this one involving some measures so don’t forget to use what you know about converting them! There is also a challenge involving % which I know you will love!

For English today I need you to start by re-watching this video

Around the World in 80 Days 10 To Allahabad Level 6 By Little Fox

To Allahabad

Your job now is to write the end of the chapter. Will Fogg save the woman? How will he do this? How will they escape? Maybe he will decide it is too difficult and just leave her to her fate!


You can have today and tomorrow to plan what you think will happen in the rest of the chapter and then write it. Think about how detailed the text has been and the type of language that has been used. Now, something I think you might find difficult, be dramatic! Create tension and drama for your readers!


*Language appropriate to the time

*Detail - remember the setting they are in

*How will Fogg explain the plan - think about how calculated he is!


Remember, this does not have to all be done today so please take your time!


This afternoon, alongside AR and TTR, I have a very important task for you. If these are high quality, I will ask Miss Sexton if we can use them.


Your job is to create a leaflet explaining to other children why they should come to Westcourt. As children that are just about to leave the school, you are the best placed people to explain why children should come - from your point of view. You can include things such as



*Facilities/the grounds


*How the school feels

*What you have enjoyed while being here

*Anything else you can think of that would make children want to come to the school.


I have set a leaflet template for you on Purple Mash (maybe the use of the iPads that we have could be another plus).


It’s really important that we get your views as children about why you like coming to Westcourt.


I can’t wait to read these and all of the other work you will do today.


Have a good day and stay safe!


(By the way, I have seen the Hoodie design, they look great!)


Speak to you soon


Miss Hart 😆