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Tuesday 6th July

Good morning Kenya class!


I hope you all had a lovely Monday, I am looking forward to seeing you all in school later this week 🙂


Remember we have a Zoom at 1pm today - please bring your favourite book with you ready to share it with everyone.


This morning for phonics please complete the activity for your group.

Mrs K’s group:

Mrs Beatty’s group:

Mrs Atkinson’s group:

Yesterday in Maths you completed some addition word problems. Today we are going to look at subtraction (take away). 


Remember to use things to help you to work out the answers, pasta, coins, number lines, drawings, fingers! You don’t have to answer all of the questions - just do what you can 😊


For English and topic today I would like you to read this song about seaside safety. Share it with a grown up and talk about how we can stay safe at the beach. When you have read the song, can you design a poster to tell other people how to stay safe at the beach! Remember to use lots of bright colours and drawings for a poster. 


Hope you have a lovely day and I will see you later this afternoon! 


Mrs Atkinson x