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Tuesday 6th June 2021

Tuesday 6th June 2021

Good Morning Turkey Class, I hope everyone is geared up today to complete some super fun activities and task I have set for you today.


Don't worry if can't complete the task or get stuck as your adult for help. As always please give it your best go and that you can do it !!  


Best of luck

Miss Hussain

Phonics -

You can use the link below to play some of the phonics games you play in class. Please choose the correct phase for the phonics group you are in.


Miss Pearce/Miss Hussain’s group - Phase 5


Mrs Beatty’s group - Phase 3


Mrs Kay’s group - Phase 2

Click on the link below and play the phonics game.

English - To write a letter to the zoo.

I would like you to tell the zoo what animals you would like them to send you and those which you might not like to receive!


If you can use as many adjectives to describe each animal that would be wonderful and then after you have written your letter you can draw a picture of the animal underneath the letter or attached to it on another piece of paper.




Here is a example below of how your letter should be laid out on the paper-

Dear Zoo

Maths - Numberbonds to 10 

We are going to be looking a numberbonds. I would like you to write down as many numberbonds you can find.


A really good trick for numberbonds to 10 facts – Draw around your hand (ask a adult to help you or draw around your adult's hand cut them out). Move the fingers up/down to make the different number bond facts.


You can always fill up a pair of gloves with sand/flour/cous-cous/rice if you have any of these items to make some real life hands to use!


If you are feeling confident enough then see if you can do numberbonds to 20.



Topic - Seaside 

Have you ever been to the seaside? (If not don't worry use your imagination) 


I would like you to create a poster using pictures of yourself at the the beach (or you could draw the pictures) and write a few sentences about your time at the beach. If you could send in a picture of your posters that would be lovely for the rest of the class to see.


After you have finished your poster if you want to you could get crafty and make your own seaside in a bottle ! I have attached the instructions on how to make one below. Have fun making !



Storytime -  Handa's Surpirse 

Last but not least I thought we could listen to this lovely story. As always before you listen to the story have a discussion or a think with an adult, whoever is next you or even by yourself about what do you think the story is going to be about.