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Tuesday 9th February

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!


It was lovey to get so many pictures of your learning yesterday - I'm glad you enjoyed your smartie partys and your 3D islands are incredible!  If you haven't looked at them yet, check out the pictures from your learning.


Today is Internet Safety Day.  If we were in school we would be doing activities all together and your parents would have been invited in, instead we are going to be doing this as part of our home learning!


Today you are going to be continuing with the skills you learnt yesterday!


When you use ratios, we often link them to fractions.  Remember fraction show us how many parts there are out of a whole.  You can represent this through ratios.

Tommy, yesterday you showed your smartie party answers as a ratio and a fraction - tis is what you will be doing today.


You will need to complete these sheets:

Your second maths challenge is to complete your final pirate mosaic - what image will you discover today?


Send in your pictures so we can see all 3 mosaics!

Guided Reading:

Today you are going to be putting your guided reading skills to poetry!

Little Boy Blue is a traditional poem with some old fashioned language.

Read the questions carefully - you can always underline parts of the poem that you think would help to answer the questions.


Yesterday you re-watched the section of the story where we are introduced to Ben Gunn.  You write in role as him about his thoughts and feelings and there were some really interesting ideas.


If you would like and it would help, go back to yesterday's page and re-watch this section again, paying particular attention to the conversation between Ben Gunn and Jim at the end.

He tells him how he got there and what the plan was.


Today I would like you to think what it must have been like for him being stranded there for so long.  Some of you may have seen the Tom Hanks film Castaway (with your adults) where he was also stranded on a desert island with no one to talk to.


In your packs, you will need this sheet:

Think about what it would be like on a desert island, knowing that you can only take 5 things with you.


Discuss with your family at home to see what they would take.  


Think carefully about your reasons why and explain clearly - again, you could use PEE to help you, Point, Evidence, Explain laugh

Internet Safety Day:

Today is Internet Safety Day and this year it feels more important than ever to really think carefully about how we can keep ourselves safe online, especially as we are spending so much more time at home to use the internet for our learning.

You are using the internet right now to find out about your activities for today!


With your family at home, talk about e-safety and think about what it means.

How do you keep yourselves safe on line when you are doing research?

How to you keep yourself safe when you may be on xbox live?

How do you keep yourselves safe when you are using a mobile phone?

Do you know the age recommendations for particular apps?  For example Instagram and WhatsApp?


Watch this video:



Act Your Age: an award-winning online safety story

This video was made by children and there is a very important message.


With your adult, discuss the following questions:

- what mistakes did Molly make?

- why should she have not lied about her age?

- think about why Facebook asks for ages - it is to advertise appropriately

- should Molly have ever agreed to meet someone she didn't know?

- how lucky she was that it was her brother just wanting to teach her a lesson.


It is important to remember that not everyone on line is a bad person - there are great things that can be done on the internet and it is a great way to talk to people.  The important thing is to remember to talk to the right people and if you are at all unsure, always get your adult.


The message at the end of the story is: BE SAFE ONLINE, AND YOU'LL BE FINE!


Log on to Purple Mash - there are 2 activities for you to complete:

1 - Design an online safety poster using the message from the end of the story

2 - Think about the pros and cons of using social media and come up with a balance of debate ideas.  Think of it as a balanced argument that you would write in English

Have a fantastic day and I look forward to seeing all your wonderful learning.


Remember, if you would like any help to just email and I will get back to you.


Miss Marshall xx