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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning everyone and welcome to Wednesday!


There was some more superb learning being sent in yesterday, and I'm glad you your work on e-safety!


It's really lovely seeing how much fin you are all having in the snow.  Make sure you get plenty of time outside and lets see even more snowman pictures!


There has been some fantastic maths work this term and we are going to do things slightly differently for the last couple of days.


The first maths activity I would like you to do today s your last arithmetic test (it will have number 7 written in the corner).

Give yourself time to complete it then check pack on this page later for the answers.


Remember your fantastic skills, show your working out, remember your place holders and use place value.


Good luck!

Your second maths challenge...………….there is an imposter among us!


Having spent almost every break time up until the Christmas holidays watching you play your own versions of the game Among Us (and yes I do now know what it is laugh) I thought you might want to find the imposter(s) in maths!!!


For each set of characters, can you find out which ones are the imposters?


Complete your working out carefully, these questions use a range of your arithmetic skills...….good luck!

Guided Reading:

Today we are going to be completing the final piece of guided reading work in this pack - you will need the sheet called Tornado Alley.

Read the information carefully and answer the questions in full sentences where appropriate.


Today we are going to watch and listen to the next part of Treasure Island.


Whilst watching, continue with your story map so you have it to look back on next term when you continue with the story.

Treasure Island: The stockade and the pirates attack | BBC Teach

For your second activity, you will need this sheet:

Today you will need to imagine you are one of the pirates taking part in the battle at the stockade.

In the box at the top, draw a picture of the battle - use the descriptions from the part of the story as well as your imagination.

Underneath, I would like you to write your recount of how the battle went/

Did you feel success as a pirate?

How did it feel being betrayed by Jong John Silver?

What will you do next?


Remember to check your writing carefully for errors and focus on varying your sentence structure.

Creative Learning:


Today we are going full pirate!


What's a pirates favourite school subject?        Aaaaaaaaaaaart!


And that's exactly what we are going to be doing this afternoon!


You will need these 2 sheets from your packs:

In your picture frame, I would like you to draw and colour a self-portrait of you as a pirate!

Will you have an eye patch?

Will you have a hat?

Will you have a pirate on your shoulder?


On the second page, I would like you to imagine you are the captain of your very own pirate ship!

What would your flag be?


I cannot wait to see your pirate creations!

Have a fantastic day - I cannot wait to see the learning you get up to!


Remember to email in your pictures - including snow ones!


Miss Marshall xx